Sadly all good things must come to an end and after 9years Pugs is making a last, final stand by the pond. Too many momentous things have happened in the iconic bowl to try and repeat what has already been done and too many memories we would rather hold onto then recreate - so, for a change, it's by the pond and what an amazing spot for a party it is.

Pugs has been a huge supporter of the fund, being its biggest, longest running annual earner ever since it began in 2005. It has raised a total of 48,000 for the charity, which is a staggering effort and a big thanks to everyone who came along and drank the Mann's Arms dry!

To date The Toby Mann fund has put 5 fine pupils through Milton Abbey, all who we considered to be the perfect representative for the school with a keen passion to fulfill everything that was on offer. They all very much needed the support and the family were so happy to be able to provide this, giving them a great opportunity for the next stage in life and they are all now doing great things.

I really hope you can dig deep for one last time and come and join us by the pond!